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All these products have been dust extracted, are bio-degradable and can be dug into the garden or compost and have a pine fresh odour which keeps nasty smells at bay.

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Brief Case
  • Brief Case Refers to the size has a compressed volume of approximately 30 litres.
  • The approx Size is 530mm x 350mm x 120mm
  • Is made from natural pine shavings


  • PetPac is packaged in 800 gram bales minimum weight
  • Size is approx 300mm x 150mm x 120mm
  • Is made from natural pine shavings

Cat Litter

  • Cat Litter is a Premium wood based Cat Litter.
  • This comes in a 7.5 Lt & 15Lt bags
  • Made from ground shavings & pelleted to form a light, highly absorbent cat litter.

Natty Cat Cat Litter

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