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East Coast Woodshavings is a family owned business which jointly has over 40 years experience in Woodshavings.

ECW's principal business activity is the baling and sale of Woodshavings for livestock are poultry, horses or small animals, our products will improve your animal hygiene and management of their litter. Our specialty is to exceed the strict quarantine specifications which are required by Australia's leading chicken growers and stud horse stables.

The shavings are collected by our fleet and delivered to our plant, where they are checked for size and moisture content, then categorized and stored for use. We then process the shavings according to our customers' needs and specifications. The shavings are bagged and stored so as to have as much in stock as possible.


Electronic mail: baled@ecw.com.au
Telephone: 07 3271 6311 International: 61 7 3271 6311
Fax: 07 3271 6322 International: 61 7 3271 6322

Postal address: ECW, P.O. Box 224, Carole Park Qld 4300, AUSTRALIA